China is with Pakistan , which countries are with Our India , See here


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Pulwama incident has convinced the entire world that India is always right. He said the international scene has changed a lot from only Russia supporting India to only China supporting Pakistan.

“Pulwama has convinced the world that what India says is right. Because of that, the entire world supported us when the air strikes were conducted. There was a time when only Russia was with us on the international stage, while the rest of the world was with Pakistan. After five years, only China is with Pakistan and the rest of the world is with India,” Modi said.

Modi also reitereated his Zero tolerance policy on terror. He also said that the current wave indicates that it is going to be a full-majority government coming up.


“Our government will indeed be formed. It is going to be a full majority government. The BJP will get more numbers than earlier”. he added.


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