Indian Air force : Which is more powerful Sukhoi or Rafael fighter jet ? Know here


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In the present day, two fighter jets are being the most talked about, especially in India. One was a France-made Rafale fighter jet and the other a Russian-made Sukhoi fighter jet. The biggest question in the minds of people is that which of these is the most powerful fighter jet. Today we will try to learn in detail about this subject.

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Indian Air force : Which is more powerful Sukhoi or  Rafael fighter jet ?

Who is more powerful in Sukhoi and Rafael fighter jet?


1. According to the mileage information, the range of Rafale is from 780 to 1055 km per hour while the range of Sukhoi is 400 to 550 km per hour.

2 .The information states that Rafale is more powerful than Sukhoi fighter jet. Because Rafael has many modern parts. The price of Rafael is also much higher than Sukhoi.

3. Rafale is equipped with 1.5 times more functionality than Sukhoi. There is a missile in Sukhoi. While Rafael has two missiles.

4. If you talk about radar, then Rafale’s radar system is better than Sukhoi. Rafael can heat 40 targets simultaneously.

5. Let us tell you that Rafael can charge 5 Sorties per hour whereas Sukhoi has a capacity of just 3. According to this, Rafael is considered more powerful.


  1. Rakesh Das says

    Do u even check back before posting a blog? Range/hr, heat 40 targets? What’s all this!

  2. Marchborn Syiem says

    We should procure more Rafale

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