India’s boom in 5G, not China! Data will cost 54GB every month, many revelations from the report

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5G service has started in India. Airtel and Jio have rolled out 5G service in many cities. It is expected that in a year, 5G service will be rolled out across the country and by the end of this year there will be 1 billion 5G users globally. Whereas by the year 2028, the number of 5G users will increase to about 5 billion. According to the Ericsson Mobility report, India will be the emerging 5G connectivity country in the world. During the year 2022 to 2028, an increase of 19 percent has been recorded in 5G growth. In such a situation, by the year 2028, the total 5G userbase can be 300 million.

what do the figures say

  1. Around 110 million 5G users are connected worldwide from July to September. In such a situation, the total 5G users base has become 870 million. Globally there will be 5 billion 5G users by the end of 2028.
  2. There could be a strong increase in the number of globally 4G userbase, which was around 41 million during July-September. Explain that the global 4G subscription is expected to be the highest between July and September 2022. By the end of this year, the 5G userbase could be 5.2 billion.
  3. 5 userbase was 31 million in the year 2022, which could be 690 million by 2028. By the year 2024, India will have the highest number of 930 million 4G users. However, after this it will decline. And by the year 2028, the number of 5G users will increase to 570 million.
  4. If we talk about 5G, then smartphone 5G data consumption will be the highest in India. According to an estimate, by the year 2022, the monthly 5G mobile data consumption in India will be around 25GB. While the average 5G smartphone data consumption will be 54 GB in the next 6 years till 2028.
  5. This smartphone user will have the highest average data per mobile user. If we talk about smartphones, then the smartphone user base can increase from 77 percent in the year 2022 to 94 percent by the year 2028.

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