India’s only railway station from where not a single train passes during the day, knowing the reason will make you dizzy


Railways is considered to be the easiest and cheapest means of traveling from one place to another in India. Indian Railways is the largest rail network in Asia. There are a total of eight thousand railway stations in India, big and small. There are many such interesting things related to railways which many of you may not know.

Generally railway station is such a place, where there is always a crowd of people whether it is day or night. But if we tell you that there is a railway station in our country India which remains deserted, would you believe it? The crowd is far away, even if 2-4 people are seen at this railway station, that too is a lot.

You must be surprised to hear, but it is absolutely true. The name of this peculiar railway station is Shivpuri, which falls in the state of Tezzbuzz, India. This railway station is the most important railway station in Shivpuri district of Tezzbuzz. It comes under Bhopal division.

There are currently two platforms at this station. No train originates or terminates from this station. You will not get much facilities at this station. This station falls in the middle of the Guna-Gwalior line. Not many trains stop at this station. A total of thirty trains stop at this station i.e. stop here. It is not a major station and only a few long distance trains stop here.

It is said that no train stops at this station during the day time, so there is less crowd of people here. All trains stop here either at night or early in the morning. This is the reason why this station remains empty during the day. Not many people are visible at this station.


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