Investors are earning lakhs by investing in gold, 1300 increased directly in 10 grams! It is now impossible for the middle clas


Gold has been a major medium for investors in the stock market and investors are happy with the steady rise in prices.

For those who are investing in gold, gold is becoming the highest paying safe investment as investors are getting the highest and safest returns in gold as compared to other instruments like equity, mutual funds, real estate. Gold has given double the returns in six and a half years. The prices have doubled in 2017 against an average of 30500. According to Gujaratis, shares and gold are the best means of investment. If investors want to get returns with risk then investors come to stock market and prefer gold for safety.

The price of gold is increasing continuously and now it has become almost impossible for the poor and middle class to buy gold.
In the international market, gold rose by $ 50 to reach $ 1990 near $ 2000, while in the Indian domestic market, gold rose by Rs 1300 per 10 grams to reach a new high of Rs 61300 per 10 grams on Saturday. While silver is trading at Rs 69000 with a gain of 1500.

If we talk about the returns in the stock market in one and a half years, then there is a positive return of 23 percent in gold and 10 percent in silver, which is three times more than the average bank FD. At the same time, due to the ever-increasing prices of gold, the number of new buyers has come down by 40 per cent. On an average, people are making a profit of 20-25 percent by buying gold at cheap prices and selling it at high prices. Top bullion analysts from Gujarat say that maximum profit booking is seen when gold generally gives 25 per cent returns.

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