iPhone is lost or Stolen ? Know How to Find Your Phone and Delete its data


If you have lost or stolen your iPhone, then you may be in trouble because nowadays our personal data is saved in the mobile. In such a situation, there may be loss of data if the mobile is in the wrong hands. But you do not need to worry, because if the iPhone is lost, you can track its location as well as delete the data. This facility is made available with the help of Find My iPhone feature, so that is present in all iPhone devices. Here we are telling you how to track iPhone and delete data.

First of all, let us tell you that to find the lost iPhone, the Find My iPhone feature will work only when you have activated it. That is, if you have the Find My iPhone feature active in the phone, then only you will be able to find your iPhone. So keep in mind that you must activate this feature by going to the iPhone’s settings.

How to track your iPhone


If your iPhone is lost and Find My iPhone is active in it, then it can be easily tracked for this.
For this, you have to go to the icloud.com/find link and enter your Apple ID and password there.
As soon as you enter the password, the location of your iPhone will automatically be detected and after a few seconds the location will start showing on the map.
You can mark the lost iPhone.

If you want, you can mark your lost iPhone. For this, click on the Lost Mode button from the floating window.
After this you will be asked to enter additional phone number. This phone number will show on your lost iPhone. Also a custom message has to be entered.
That is, if someone has got your iPhone, then it will show numbers and messages with the help of which he can contact you.
Delete data in iPhone like this…

To delete the personal data present in the iPhone, you do not have to click on the Erase iPhone button from the floating window.
After this your confirmation will be asked in the pop-up message. As soon as you confirm this, all the data present in your phone will be deleted.


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