IPL : Top 3 Teams with Strongest Batting Attack in IPL, Which one your favourite ?


3. Punjab XI Team

Punjab XI team is considered to be the third strongest team of 2020, the reason behind this is its strongest batting line and at the same time this team is also forced to have an aggressive bowling line, due to which this team is considered as the strongest team of IPL 2020. Along with this, the performance of this team has also been very successful and spectacular and seeing that it can be seen that the team could reach the final of IPL this year but it is too early to say because IPL has just started and it is going to end. It remains to be seen whether this team will be able to reach the final or is a big question in itself?

2. Mumbai Indians


Mumbai Indians is considered to be the second strongest successful team of the IPL of 2020, the reason behind this is considered to be its most dangerous batting line, where there are aggressive batsmen like Rohit Sharma and his partner Ishan Kishan on one side, besides this lethal bowling. The pair also makes this team the second number in the line of strong teams in this IPL tournament and we can say in a way that Mumbai Indians might be able to capture the IPL title this time also because Mumbai Indians won the IPL. The title is considered to be a strong contender for 2020.

1. Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals is considered to be the first strongest team of IPL 2020 because its performance so far has been very good and successful compared to all the teams and together this team has won almost all the matches played in this tournament. Thus we can say that Delhi Capitals can prove to be a strong contender for the title of 2020 IPL and the reason behind this is believed to be its strongest batting line, where there is an aggressive batsman like Shikhar Dhawan in this team, while his bowling is there. The line is also considered very strong and the biggest feature of this team is that maximum all-rounder players are playing in this team, which is giving a lot of strength to this team.


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