Irregular Periods: Troubled by irregular periods? Learn its reason and home remedies. Troubled by irregular periods know the r


Troubled by irregular periods? Learn this reason and home remedies Image Credit source: freepik

Irregular Periods: Periods may be a bit painful for women, but being regular is a sign of your being healthy. Whereas some women are irregular periods remain troubled because of. If every time your periods are missed for 2 to 3 months then do not ignore it. Otherwise, because of this you may have to face many problems related to health.

There can be many reasons for irregular periods. Apart from this, there are many ways to avoid irregular periods. Let’s know about them…

Reasons for irregular periods

This problem can also occur due to excessive exercise, running, sudden increase or decrease in weight, imbalanced hormones, stress or tiredness, not getting enough sleep and taking birth control medicines etc. Apart from this, many health conditions are also included in it like PID, PCOS, POI and uncontrolled diabetes etc. Many other reasons may be involved in this. Therefore, if this is happening continuously, then definitely consult a doctor.

Ways to regularize irregular periods

Do yoga regularly on a daily basis. According to studies, continuous yoga practice for 12 weeks can prove beneficial for the physical health of women. It also reduces the pain during periods. It also reduces the stress level. With this you will also be able to improve the quality of your life.

healthy weight

Maintain healthy weight. Sudden weight gain or event can also be the reason for irregular periods. That’s why take special care of this thing. Along with this, take Vitamin D regularly.


Eat pineapple. This fruit contains bromelain. This is a kind of enzyme. It works to regularize periods.


You can include cinnamon in your diet. This is a good way to regularize periods. Cinnamon also gives you relief from period pain.

fennel water

You can drink fennel water. This helps in balancing the hormones. Fennel water provides relief from period cramps and abdominal pain.

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