Is black your favorite colour? Know what the scriptures and psychology say


Colors have different importance in everyone’s life. Each color brings with it some thought and energy. The same goes for black. You must have noticed that some people like to wear black clothes continuously. Also, many of their accessories are also black. In such a situation, psychology sees it differently. That’s why there are different instructions in the scriptures for such people. Let us tell you.

In the scriptures, black clothes have been described as a symbol of inauspiciousness.

Black clothes are associated with negativity in the scriptures. It is believed that such people have a lot of negative energy which can affect your life. The black color absorbs both the good and the bad around it and stores it within itself. Also it promotes Rahu and Shani, which can make you mentally ill. Also, conflicts may increase in the life of such people, loneliness may come and they may become victims of diseases like depression. These people are very upset from inside but hide everything from outside.

what does psychology say ?

Sadhguru talks a lot about the color black. They believe that wearing black color means that first they want to show themselves as the most powerful, which no one should ignore even if they want to. It also tells that the mind of such a person is not calm and he is constantly engaged in preparing to make himself powerful. For this he is gathering many powers, be it good or bad. You can understand this because this color brings with it feelings of power, formality, evil, death, mourning, dullness, heaviness, depression and rebellion. It creates imbalance and destroys peace. That’s why we should avoid adopting black color in our life. If you also like dark color then choose blue color but avoid wearing pure black clothes.

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