Is sweating excessively in the gym harmful to health?, Know what experts have to say


Showing a body like a six-pack has become the passion of today’s youth. Most of the urban youth have become more alert about their body appearance. For this, they sweat in the gym for hours and do not mind taking random supplements to build the body. Some people get so addicted to the gym that they cannot live even a day without going to the gym. They start getting restless. It is generally believed that sweating in the gym is good for health, but sweating in the gym for a long time can also be harmful. Dr. Jacob Kurien, Senior Consultant, Department of Physiotherapy at St. Stephen’s Hospital, Delhi, said that exercising in the gym for more than a stipulated time can be harmful to health in many ways. It can also cause trouble in driving.

It becomes difficult to concentrate while driving

Dr. Jacob Kurian said, “Exercising for a long time increases blood pressure and the amount of sugar in the blood starts falling. This can cause hypoglycemia. In this condition, the working capacity of the brain starts decreasing. That is the power that the brain already has gets reduced. The result of this is that people who do the gym for a long time are not able to concentrate on anything else. If there is hypoglycemia then driving can also be a problem, because our brain takes time to concentrate.

calcium deposition in muscles


The worst result of excessive gyming falls on the muscles. This can cause wear and tear problems. That is, there can be a breakdown in the muscles. Muscle pain and muscle strain are common due to access exercises. Actually, bone and muscle are connected. There is a covering over the bone. When the access exercise is done, the most emphasis falls on the muscles. Due to excessive pressure on the muscles, the covering in the bones gets torn. As soon as the covering bursts, the deposition of calcium present in the bones starts in the muscles. Due to this, the process of bone formation starts inside the muscle itself. It is called Myositis Ossificans.

The pattern of gold also gets spoiled

Dr. Kurian told that exercising for a long time can also cause mental problems. This condition is called emotional habituation. When this happens, the person always rides in the gym tune. He doesn’t even think about anything other than the gym. Such persons do not take interest in other work. The sleeping pattern also deteriorates in people who do more gym.

There is an imbalance in the essential hormones inside the body. Due to excessive exercise, toxins start coming out of the muscles which affect the kidneys and liver. This also leads to an imbalance in the process of metabolism. Access exercisers have a higher risk of injury. If an injury occurs, recovery takes a long time.


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