Is there is bad breath under your mask? then know which foods are right for you to get rid of it


Bad breath, also medically known as halitosis, is an unpleasant odor emanating from the mouth. Causes may include poor hygiene or health problems in the mouth, teeth, gums, throat, or digestive system. The food we eat starts breaking down in our mouths. It is absorbed into your bloodstream and travels to the lungs, affecting the air you expel.

If you eat foods with a strong smell (like garlic or onions), it will smell bad. Brushing and flossing or even mouthwash can only mask the smell temporarily. The smell will not completely go away until the foods pass through your body. Other common foods that can cause bad breath include cheese, pastrami, certain spices, orange juice or soda, alcohol.

There can be many other reasons for your bad breath:

1. Dry Mouth: Dry mouth is one of the major causes of bad breath. Saliva is incredibly important for flushing out bacteria and helping to maintain fresh breath.

2. Digestive problems: Many digestive problems like acid reflux, poor digestion, bowel disorders, and constipation can cause sulfur gases to travel through your mouth and cause bad breath.

3. Smoking: Cigarettes already contain many toxins and chemicals which harm your health but they also cause bad breath.

4. Poor oral hygiene: This usually means that bacteria have built up in your mouth. Bacteria release sulfur compounds that smell like rotten eggs and are the source of your bad breath.

5. Drinking coffee or alcohol: Both these drinks have a strong taste that stays in the mouth for several hours from the time you drink it. Both coffee and alcohol reduce the production of saliva which means that your mouth is not washing away bacteria as often as it should. This can allow bacteria to live in your mouth and cause bad breath.

Our mouth is a window into the body so if there is any foul odor then it is a sign that there is some cause of imbalance that needs to be treated. Treatment will treat the root cause.

But things you can do to help reduce it are:


A complete diet with raw foods like ajwain, basil, and parsley.

Important antioxidant nutrients that are considered the best defense against bad breath are found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables such as carrots, melons, and citrus foods.

These foods also give you the fiber you need to maintain your digestive health and keep your tract clean, which will be considered by far the most important as bad breath and maldigestion often result in bad breath as compared to poor oral hygiene.

Other tips that will help:

Squeeze half a lemon in warm water at bedtime and before going to bed. It not only helps with bad breath but also body odor.

Chewing roasted fennel or cumin seeds after every meal is also very good for your digestion.

Chew food well, eat slowly, avoid overeating and ensure proper hydration.

Juice therapy: Take carrot, spinach, and cucumber juice once a day until the problem is resolved.

Drinking a lot of water keeps the moisture in the mouth, which encourages the production of saliva, which removes the bacteria present in the mouth.

If you still feel embarrassed and want some second opinion on how to fix it, then consult your diet expert or dentist as soon as possible.


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