ISI conspiring against India along with Khalistan! These pictures are proof. Khalistani protest london high commission of indi


New Delhi: in London Indian High Commission Hundreds of people protested yesterday on Wednesday, waving flags in support of Khalistan. Along with this, some things were also thrown from their side and people raised anti-India slogans fiercely. Protesters in front of the Indian High Commission Dal Khalsa People of (Dal Khalsa) were also involved, which is said to have Pakistani intelligence agency ISI Has links with and is planning attacks on several Indian installations abroad.

Some pictures and videos are going viral on social media, in which people of Dal Khalsa, one of the groups protesting against India, are seen meeting with ISI agents. Dal Khalsa and ISI together want to sabotage the establishments related to India. It is being claimed that organizations like Dal Khalsa are getting support from foreign agencies and the government.

Demonstration outside the Indian Embassy

A picture going viral is of a British man of Indian origin, who demonstrated fiercely in support of Khalistani outside the Indian Embassy in London. While in another picture the same British citizen is seen with the Pakistani High Commissioner.

A program was organized by the Pakistani High Commissioner in Britain to discuss human rights in Kashmir. Apart from this British citizen, 4 more turbaned people are also seen in the picture.

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Apart from turbaned men, women and children have been protesting against India for some time outside the Indian High Commission in London. During the demonstration, Khalistani supporters threw many things on behalf of the High Commission. However, after this incident, the security outside the Indian High Commission was tightened and the blockade increased. Several other officers were also deployed for tight security.

Demonstration against India in many countries

These pictures have come at a time when allegations are being made by India that ISI is instigating Khalistan supporters living abroad to protest in support of fugitive Amritpal Singh in cities of many other countries including London. Officials from India told that ISI is promoting Khalistan supporter Amritpal.

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Not only London, but the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, USA was ransacked in recent days by Khalistan supporters. Along with this, there have been some sporadic incidents of protests by Khalistan against India in Australia as well.

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