It is more difficult to get a house here than getting a job in Google, you will be surprised to know the strange story of this p


There would be hardly any person in the world who does not want to work in Google? But what if someone passes a Google interview and fails to become a tenant. This strange sounding incident is absolutely true.

Tenant failed even after passing Google’s interview

Image Credit source: ripu daman bhadoria linkedin

For most government and private jobs, the interview round is organized at the very last. after clearing multiple rounds Interview There comes a chapter which is not in everyone’s capability to pass. All levels are like this clear They do it but fail in the interview, due to which they do not get the job, but what if a person cross the interview of Google but he fails in the interview of the tenant… You must be finding this story very strange to hear but This thing is true.

We are talking here of Ripu Daman Bhadoria, who easily crossed Google’s interview but when he came to Bangalore to shift and came to know that he would have to give interview to stay here, he was shocked… then Somehow he gave the interview but he failed and could not find a room for rent. This person shared his experience on the social media site LinkedIn, which is surprising the users a lot.

Told why failed to become a tenant

In the post, Bhadoria wrote that it is sadness as well as happiness… He is sad that he has failed in an interview in his life and Google’s interview is nothing in front of this interview. He further wrote that after last year 2022, I had shifted to Bangalore. It was very difficult to get a house immediately after Covid but still after a lot of problems I found a house but I had to give an interview to stay there. Actually all this because good houses are in great demand here and many landlords started interviewing tenants. Mine also happened and I failed in it.

After this Ripu asked the landlord, can you tell why I failed? On which the landlord said that you work in Google, so he thought that he would buy his house and not rent it. Ripu wrote one more thing in his post that he is happy because he has passed his next interview and he is very happy about it. In such a situation, one can learn the trick to pass this interview from him.

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