Jinnah House Fire: This fashion designer is the mastermind of arson in Jinnah House, now arrested. Jinnah House Fire Pakistan L


fashion designer khadija shahImage Credit source: Twitter

Khadija Shah Arrest: The difficulties of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan are increasing. Due to the fear of the army, the leaders of his party are now leaving him. The issue of burning Jinnah House is the biggest issue in the violence that took place on the day of Imran’s arrest. In this case, Pakistan authority has arrested Khadija Shah. She is a famous fashion designer of Pakistan. It is alleged that under his leadership, PTI workers allegedly set fire to Jinnah House. It is also called the Corps Commander’s House.

Khadija Shah is a supporter of PTI. Her husband and some family members have already been arrested on charges of arson. Jinnah House was burnt in the May 9 violence. The Corps Commander of the Pakistan Army was living here. However, he has been sacked from his post after the violence.

Khadija Shah’s denial of arson, violence

According to Pakistan’s Geo TV, Khadija Shah has released a 16-minute video. She has confessed that she was involved in demonstrations outside the Corps Commander’s House in Lahore on 9 May. At the same time, the PTI worker said that he neither did the arson nor instigated anyone for it. Khadida Shah is the daughter of Dr. Salman Shah. He was a former member of Pervez Musharraf’s finance team, and was an advisor to the Usman Buzdar government in Punjab.

Khadija Shah is the granddaughter of Eastern Army Chief

It is being told about Khadija Shah that she is the granddaughter of the former Army Chief. Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, the caretaker of the interim government of Punjab, has announced that the woman involved in the May 9 violence will be arrested at any cost. Action will be taken against those who commit violence in military institutions under the Pakistan Army Act and Official Secrets Act. Thousands of PTI workers have been arrested due to protests and violence. The sword of arrest is again hanging over Imran Khan.

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