Keep these things in mind before installing wind chimes, bad luck may come


Feng Shui is basically called Chinese Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is also very important in Hinduism. By bringing or installing many things in the house according to Vastu, it opens the way to happiness. On the other hand, if the rules of Vastu Shastra are not taken care of, then it can also become the cause of bad luck.

Similarly, in Feng Shui or Vastu Shastra, wind chimes are known to attract good luck and positive energy, but they can also bring bad luck to you.

How he is telling us about this subject, Pandit Krishna Kant Sharma, Astrologer and Vastu Consultant, resident of Indore. Let us know what things are very important to keep in mind before wind chimes come home.

right direction

According to Feng Shui, by placing wind chimes anywhere in the house, an atmosphere of disturbance and tribulation starts to be created in the house. That’s why wind chimes should always be placed in the right direction. For example, it is always considered appropriate to install wind chimes made of metal in the west and north direction of the house. On the other hand, wind chimes made of wood should always be placed in the east and south directions.

wind chimes in the bedroom

Always have 9 rod wind chimes in your bedroom. By doing this, affection and respect remains between husband and wife. If you put any wind chime in the bedroom, it can create problems in your married life and spoil the relationship between husband and wife.

Don’t put wind chimes here

Wind chimes should never be installed in kitchen or worship house. Kitchen is considered a source of energy. Wherein the house of worship is the place of the deity. By doing this, there is an adverse effect on the health of the woman of the house.

Put wind chimes here

Wind chimes should always be installed at a place where the wind blows. Like on the window or on the main door of the house. Apart from this, installing a small wind chime at the door of the house or in a large room should be avoided. Due to this the negative energy of the house does not go out. Wind chime with empty pipe should always be installed in the house.

don’t sit down

According to the rule of Vastu, wind chime should not be placed at such a place where someone has to sit under it or pass under it. Keep these things related to wind chime in mind, otherwise the family members may have to face financial constraints and health related problems. If you bring wind chimes in the house, then the negative energy in your house will end and the communication of positive energy will increase.

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