Keep these things in mind while painting the walls of the house, it will be like new for a long time

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Tips for Home Painting: Before the arrival of Diwali, people have started cleaning in most of the houses, so some people are also thinking of getting their house painted. If you are also thinking of getting your house painted, then some special things have to be taken care of, so that the paint of the walls remains like new for a long time. Today we are telling you some such tips, which have to be followed while getting the paint done and this will keep the paint like new for a long time.

First of all choose the right paint

After painting, the house starts shining completely, but after some time that shine gradually disappears. The reason for this may be not choosing the right paint, so choose the right paint for your home. Washable paint is the best for the house, which can be cleaned with the help of water and cloth after getting dirty. After cleaning, this paint looks like new and lasts for a long time.

fix the damp spot

The paint of the house gets spoiled the most from the place where there is dampness. There are many sealant remedies available in the market today, which you can mix in paints. Apart from this, the putty on the wall should also be done in a good way to avoid the problem of dampness.

Choose the color of paint according to the house

While painting the house, the color will also have to be taken care of, which may be different for different houses. If there are small children in the house, then do not choose light color for the wall, because children make the wall more dirty and it starts looking old. Apart from this, the color of the paint should also be selected according to the size of the house. Like- Light color makes the house seem bigger, while dark color makes the house look smaller.

protect furniture from paint

It is very important to take care of the furniture while painting the house, because when the paint gets on the wood while painting, it starts looking very dirty and it looks old. Therefore, while painting the house, keep wooden furniture covered.

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