Keep these things in mind while registering, builders will not be able to do fraud, property will also become cheap?

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Desk: This time the sales of houses have been tremendous, property consulting firm Knight Frank has revealed this while releasing its report recently. After which it is clear that the beauty of the property market is returning. So if you are also preparing to get the land or house registered then definitely read this news. It is important for you to know what things you have to keep in mind while registering.

It is known that the registration of land or house is a legal process. And any buyer makes the owner of that property in his name. Under the law, this process gives permanent ownership of that property. So obviously it will also require documents. So you should know that the documents given by the seller at the time of registration are correct.

owner search required
Know this thing that the person who is selling you the land is the real owner of the land. For this, take the help of a lawyer or a professional. But it would be better if you go to a lawyer to get the sales deed and property tax receipts checked. Through this, you can collect the details of the last 30 years about the property.

Check power of attorney
It so happens that many times the sale of land or property would have taken place through a power of attorney. And fraud is highest in these cases. So in such a situation, with the help of a professional, you should check that the same property is being sold to you, which is mentioned in the power of attorney. In this process many documents are exchanged, which is a long process. That’s why it would be great that you can authorize someone on your behalf to avoid this.

check these documents
title deeds :
Also, it is important to first check that which property you are getting registered, it is in the name of the person who is selling the land and not.

NOC: With any property, you get a No Objection Certificate (NOC), which states that your property is not related to any other developer or builder.

demand tax receipt: If you ask for information about the tax paid on the property, then it is ensured that the property is also mentioned in the government document. In this it will also be known that there is no dues of any previous tax or payment on that property.

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