Know 10 Reasons Why People Love Virat Kohli


1.He is a run machine

Before his killer looks and glamorous arm candy Anushka Sharma, you have to admire Virat for what he is – a talented batsman and a team player.

2.He is a youth icon

Youngsters across the country swear by his approach to life. He likes to work hard and party harder, and lives his life on a perpetual high.

3.He is unapologetic:

Virat wears his heart on his sleeves – and his aggression on his jersey. Whether it’s sledging or questioning dubious decisions, what’s on his mind is on his lips.

4.He is a style guru:

That sexy stubble. That quizzical gaze. He’s the stuff of many teen dreams. Add to that his escapades off the field too, he’s the perfect bad boy for the good girls.

5.He is a softie at heart:

Partying, sledging, PDA over, this one is a mamma’s boy. “Coming home to mom and home-cooked food is the best feeling in the world,” one of his tweets read.


6.He makes PDA cool:

When Virat practices PDA, India goes weak in the knees. Girls have a tough time choosing between SRK’s open arms and Virat’s kisses bouncing off the surface of his bat.

7.He gives us hope:

He gives us hope: After Sachin, we’ve pinned our hopes on Virat. And going by the way his career has shaped up, we can assume he’ll be the beacon of Team India!

8.He’s just like us:

He posts selfies for fans and thanks them on Twitter. His connect with the public is what makes him ‘the guy next door’. Also, he’s starstruck by his heroes, like us.

9.He is a rebel:

The fact that he is younger than Anushka, makes him quite a stereotype-breaking rebel. And he echoes our sentiment: to hell with baseless rituals.

10.First to score a ton against Pak in World Cup:

If the above didn’t convince you, remember that on Sunday, he became the first Indian to score a ton in a World Cup match against Pakistan.


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