Know everything before buying a router, neither the network will be compromised nor the speed will be less, money will also be s


Tech News Desk – If you’re using Wi-Fi, you may have a router provided by your Internet provider. This system is convenient for many people as it saves them the hassle of set-up and also saves money and time. But the problem starts when the network becomes slow or the network is not available in many parts of the house. This happens because people do not have the necessary knowledge about routers and buy any router without thinking.

Although some people can put up with a slow network, most people find it difficult to do so. They want to use internet on multiple systems as per their convenience, also want faster internet speed and want to use internet in every room of the house. In such a situation, you should take special care of some things while buying a router.

router wi-fi standard
First of all, you need to check which Wi-Fi standard the router supports. Older models support 802.11 ‘b’ or ‘g’, while newer routers support ‘n’ as well. You can transfer data at speeds of up to 600Mbps on the 802.11n standard, although some 802.11n routers top that. Speed ​​is 300 mbps. 802.11ac is the latest standard. On this you get a transfer speed of 1.3Gbps. However, very few mobile phones and laptops support 802.11ac. Apart from this, this technology is much more expensive than 802.11n. For now, you can count on routers with the ‘n’ standard. It is very fast for India internet connection and supports all devices and also saves money.

router wireless frequency
The frequency of a router determines how powerful your network is. The two main standards for routers are 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The main difference between the two is constraint and limitation. Compared to 2.5GHz standard routers, 5GHz standard routers have a better network, but are also more expensive. If network interference is not a major issue, go for a 2.5GHz router.

router antenna range
There is no straight forward way of knowing the range of a Wi-Fi router as it depends on the circumstances. However, the dBi rating of its antenna is mentioned on the back of the router. If you have electronic equipment like fridge, microwave oven in your house, then you have to get a high range router. Walls also play an important role in blocking Wi-Fi signals. Whether the wall is made of concrete or wood, according to a study, the signal strength becomes weak after 3 to 4 walls. So before buying a router pay attention to its dBi property.

router speed
The speed of any router also depends on the hardware used in that model. By the way, in the section with High Speed ​​Upto, the speed is mentioned in every device. The routers which are slow will also cost less, if you only need to connect to the internet, then buy a cheap router. If you are fond of watching high definition videos on a laptop or stream it to your smart TV, then your 300 Mbps router will do the job.

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