Know How you can Earn 10 Crore rupees from just 1 rupee coin , See here right now!


It is said that old is gold. That is, the older the thing, the more expensive it becomes. This thing especially applies to coins. If you are fond of collecting coins then it can make you a millionaire. Provided there is a special kind of coin in your collection.
Today we are telling you about one such coin of 1 rupee which will make you a millionaire in a jiffy. This one rupee coin is very special. Think of it as such that when the coin is being auctioned for 10 crores rupees, then it is not an ordinary coin. First of all, let us know that this coin should be of British rule. With this the coin should be made of 1885. If you have such a coin of 1 rupee, on which it should be printed 1885.

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To auction old coins, you have to visit OLX, in the online sale, you can win up to 9 crore 99 lakh rupees on this coin. Let us now know where to find the one , who will get this 1 rupee, that is, where to auction it. You can put it for online auction. To auction old coins you must visit OLX. Here you have to create your login ID. Along with this, you can earn money by auctioning coins by creating an account on in the same way.

You must share your coin photo for auction
You will have to share a photo of your coin for the auction. Many people buy antique goods. Some people are looking for old coins. They give a sizeable amount of money. Therefore, it is not necessary that the coin is only of 1885. Other old coins also give a hefty amount.


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