Know how Effective Chinese Vaccine Sinovac is against severe Covid-19


Out of 72 lakh users of Chinese company Sinovac’s vaccine, 0.011 percent needed to be treated in ICU due to corona infection. This has been done in research conducted by the Government of Malaysia.

The Covid-19 vaccine made by the Chinese company Sinovac is very effective against serious disease. This disclosure has come from large-scale research being done in Malaysia. However, other companies such as Pfizer-BioNtech and AstraZeneca’s vaccine have shown better protection rates. The latest data is encouraging for the Chinese company. The effectiveness of his vaccine has been under question. Infections were reported among health care workers who had completed vaccination with Sinovac’s vaccine in Malaysia and Thailand.

Sinovac’s vaccine highly effective against severe covid

Research conducted by the Government of Malaysia looked at the data of 72 lakh people. He was vaccinated with Sinovac’s vaccine. Health officials said that out of 72 lakh, only 0.011 percent needed to be treated in ICU due to infection of Covid-19. On the contrary, the vaccine of other companies and the effect of the vaccine of Sinovac were tested. 65 lakh used Pfizer-BioNtech and 7 lakh 44 thousand people used AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine.


The results showed that in the Pfizer-BioNtech group, 0.002 percent had to be admitted to the ICU for treatment after being infected with the corona, while those who got the AstraZeneca vaccine had to go to the ICU for treatment in 0.001 percent of the disease. Malaysia’s Institute for Clinical Research conducted research in collaboration with the National Covid-19 Task Force and its director reported that regardless of the brand of vaccine, vaccination reduces the risk of admission to the ICU by 83 percent and the risk of death by 88 percent. Is.

Vaccine Comparison of AstraZeneca and Pfizer-BioNtech

He told that the rate of admission to the ICU is extremely low when it is vulnerable to breakthrough infection. Overall, this rate was 0.0066 percent among those who completed vaccination. Similarly, the death rate from complete vaccination was also 0.01 percent and most of them were above 60 years of age or had a pre-existing disease. Researchers said that there were differences in the demographics of users of all three vaccines, and because of that the results of the effect were also different.

Those using the AstraZeneca vaccine were of middle age, while Pfizer and Cyanovac vaccines were vaccinated by highly vulnerable populations. Research began on April 1 and continued for five months, covering a total of 4.5 million people who had completed their vaccinations and a small number of people who had received the AstraZeneca vaccine. Cyanovac’s vaccine is being used extensively in many countries including China, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan and Brazil and the company has shipped 1 billion 800 million doses abroad till the beginning of September.


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