Know how much is the difference between GDP of China and India, Very Shocking


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Today, China is increasing tensions with many countries of the world. Its biggest stake is its GDP. China has the best GDP in the world after America. If you compare the GDP of India and China, India is not even visible around China. There was a time when India and China had equal share in global GDP. But as time went on. China’s GDP grew in the world and India lagged behind China. Let me tell you that in 1968, India’s share of global GDP was 2.17% and China was 2.60%.

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Know how much difference between GDP of China and India, Very Shocking

On the other hand, if we talk about the year 2019, India’s share of global GDP was 3.17%. While China stood at an unexpected place of 15.86%. At present, America’s GDP is at the first place with 21.4%, while China’s GDP is at the second place with 14.1%. While India’s GDP is at number five with 2.9.


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