Know how much is the salary of Chief Ministers in India ?see the list of all states


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There are as many states in India. All those states have a chief minister. Their job is to take necessary steps for the betterment of the people and develop the state. But do you know how much salary the Chief Ministers get in our country.

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So let’s know about it in detail.

Know how much is the salary of Chief Ministers in India ? list of all states

Telangana Rupees 4,10,000

Delhi Rupees 3,90,000

Uttar Pradesh Rs 3,65,000

Maharashtra Rupees 3,40,000

Andhra Pradesh Rs 3,35,000

Gujarat Rs 3,21,000

Himachal Pradesh Rs 3,10,000

Haryana Rs 2,88,000

Jharkhand Rs 2,72,000

Madhya Pradesh Rs 2, 55,000

Chhattisgarh Rs 2,30,000


Punjab Rs 2,30,000

Goa Rs 2,20,000

Bihar Rs 2,15,000

West Bengal Rs 2,10,000

Tamil Nadu Rs 2,05,000

Karnataka Rs 2,00,000

Sikkim Rs 1,90,000

Kerala Rs 1,85,000

Rajasthan Rs 1 , 75,000

Uttarakhand Rs 1,75,000

Odisha Rs 1,60,000

Meghalaya Rs 1,50,000

Arunachal Pradesh Rs 1,33,000

Assam Rs 1,25,000

Manipur Rs 1,20,000

Nagaland Rs 1,10,000

Tripura Rs 1,05,500


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