You will shocked to hear the salaries of these comedians


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Friends, today we will discuss about the 6 richest comedians in India.

1. Paresh Rawal – His comedy has been highly appreciated in many films including Hera Pheri. Veteran actor Paresh Rawal, who has earned lots of money and respect because of his strong acting in Bollywood, and has earned more than 100 crores in his career so far.

2. Kapil Sharma – Kapil Sharma, One of the India’s most successful comedian and who is also known as called Comedy King, has done two films besides The Kapil Sharma Show. Apart from this, he also has 9 production houses. Let me tell you that Kapil Sharma has earned a lot of money in a few years, he owns property worth about 170 crores.


3. Johnny lever – 61-year-old Bollywood startup and successful comedian actor Johnny Lever has been working in Bollywood for the last 33 years and has worked in more than 300 films till now. Let me tell you that his total wealth is about 30 million dollars (200 crores rupees).

4. Shakti Kapoor – Shakti Kapoor, who has worked in more than 700 films, mainly works in Bollywood and apart from this, he has also worked in many South films. 66-year-old Shakti Kapoor has so far earned around $ 45 million (Rs 300 crore).

5. Brahmanandam – Brahmanandam, the biggest comedian of South films, has worked in more than 1000 films in his 33-year film career. Let me tell you that in today’s time, he charge a fee of about 1 crore rupees for a film and his total wealth is about 50 million dollars (350 crore rupees).

6. Anupam Kher – The richest comedian actor in India is Anupam Kher. The total wealth of 64-year-old actor Anupam Kher, who has done more than 500 films in his 37-year film career, is astonishing. Let me tell you that his total wealth is about 70 million dollars (480 crores rupees).


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