Cheaper than TATA nano , this car is what all you need , see first


Waiting for people planning to buy Bajaj Qute is now going to end. The company has informed that it will be launched in India on April 18, 2019. This is the first train of the Quadricycle Segment in the country. Ministry of Roads and Transportation has approved it to land.

Bajaj is a cute four-wheeler vehicle. According to, it is like a car in appearance, but in reality this car is not. It would also be wrong to call the Four-Wheeler version of the Three Wheeler Auto Rickshaw. It has a steering wheel and four wheels. A passenger seat seat with the driver is also given in this. A total of four people, including the driver, can sit in this. Seat belts have also been provided for all the passenger. Exporting it to India will be sold and sold.


Bajaj Qute will get a petrol engine of 216.6 cc. It can also be run from CNG. In petrol mode it will generate torque of power of 13 PS and 18.9 nm. In CNG mode it will generate torque of 10.98 PS and 16.1 nm of torque. In this, you will get a 5-speed judicial gearbox like a motorcycle. The length of Bajaj Kute will be 2752 mm. It weighs 451 nm

The price of Bajaj Qute can be around Rs 2 lakh. In terms of price, it will also be cheaper than Tata Nano. The passenger will be more secure than the three-wheeler rickshaw.


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