Know the four stages of Coronavirus in detail


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According to I C M R there are four stages of coronavirus outbreak.

Corona virus
1. In the first phase, they were found infected with the corona virus, which came to India after getting infected from another country. This stage has crossed India because such people have spread the infection locally in India.

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2. In the second phase, the infection spreads locally, but these are the people who came in contact with some infected person who returned after traveling abroad.

Know the four stages of Coronavirus in detail

3. The third and slightly more dangerous level is that of ‘community transmission’, which the Indian government is concerned about. Community transmission occurs when a person succumbs without coming into contact with a known infected person or traveling to a virus-infected country. In the last two weeks, in the press conference held by senior officials of the Government of India, it has been specially emphasized that the third phase has not come to India.

4. The fourth stage is when the infection takes the form of an epidemic locally.



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