Know what is the best time to offer water to the Sun God , Very Important


Offering water to the sun is considered very beneficial. But many people do not know about what is the best time  to offer water to the sun. Today, according to the scriptures in this subject,  So let’s know in detail.

According to the scriptures, there is a time to offer water to the Sun God. Arghya should be given within one hour of sun rise. It is considered beneficial. If you want, you can give water to the sun till 8 am. This will please Lord Suryadev and his grace will remain.

offering the water to the Sun in a copper vessel is most auspicious. This brings life to life and gets rid of all the troubles of life and makes a person feel happy.


Mantra while giving water:

Om Surya Nam: Chant the mantra 11 times or 21 times or 108 times while offering water to Suryadev. Will be beneficial for you


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