Know what to do if you get stuck in the swamp, know this tips


Those who have no connection with science and reality. One of these dramatic things is the swamp. You may or may not have seen a hero saving his life from the swamp in movies, but if you also understand and think that death comes from falling into the marsh, then read this post today and you know that if you too What to do if you ever get stuck in a swamp?

First of all what is the swamp to go? The next time you go to the beach, you will notice the difference of sand by standing on different parts of the beach. When you stand on the driest part of the beach, the sand feels fine to you because it is equal to friction between the sand particles, but if excessive amount of water flows in the sand, it destabilizes the sand particles and Anyone starts drowning in the sand.

Under a particular situation, the under ground water gets mixed up in the sand, then we see that this surface looks solid but not really and it is called swamp in which the friction of the sand is eliminated, due to which the surface Can’t support any kind of load, so whenever someone takes a step, it goes down.

In movies, you have often seen a human being trapped in a marsh in the middle of the desert and there is no hope of any help from far and wide but in fact marshes are not found in the desert because as we understood earlier to make marshes The presence of water is necessary, so marshes are usually found near the beaches.

If you ever fall into the marsh then don’t worry because it is not so difficult to get out of the marsh as we are shown. Nor is the marsh too deep. Even if a swamp is too deep, you cannot drown in the marsh more than your waist because the density of the human body is less than the density of the marsh. The density of marsh is about 2 grams per liter while the density of human body is 1 gram per liter.


If you get stuck in the marsh, then obviously you will try to get out of it. Swamps are often found near the sea. If you too are trapped in such a swamp, then get out as soon as the sea waves can overwhelm you and kill you. Yes, it is true that the more movement you do, the more you will get stuck in the marsh, but in the event of not doing anything and getting stuck there, you can become a victim of hydration so first of all keep calm and if you are with some heavy stuff then Take it off because it increases the chances of going further down the marsh.

After this you try to push your body backwards, due to which there will be space in your surroundings

water will be filled in the empty space, which will make it easier for you to get out of the swamp.

To do this, you can take help of some wood. Although it can be quite a long and painful process as the winning force is needed to get one leg out of the swamp,

it is equivalent to lifting a small car but the joy is that friends can save your life by doing so. is.

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