Know When you should be vaccinated after being recovered from Covid , See here


At a time when India is reeling from both the deadly Covid-19 outbreak and the lack of vaccines to protect civilians from the deadly virus. A government panel on Thursday recommended some structural changes in the way the country is dealing with the epidemic.

The National Technical Advisory Group (NTAGI), the governmental panel on immunization, has recommended increasing the timeframe between two doses of covishield to 12–16 weeks, compared to the earlier 8-week interval. However, no change in the time interval of covaxin dose has been suggested.


In addition, it is also recommended that those who are tested positive for Covid-19 should postpone vaccination for at least six months after their recovery. The National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NTAGI) also suggested that pregnant women may be given the option to take any covid-19 vaccine, while lactating women are eligible to take the vaccine at any time after delivery. .

These recommendations will be sent to the NEGVA – the National Expert Group for Vaccine Administration – for approval before the changes and suggestions are implemented. This is the second time in three months that the Covishield dosing interval has been extended. The March states and Union Territories had extended the interval of 28 days to six-eight weeks “for better results”.


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