Know why Bappi Lahiri wear so much of gold jewelry , Know the price


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Music composer and singer Bappi Lahiri celebrated his birthday on 27 November. Bappi Lahiri has been in the limelight for a long time for his songs as well as another reason. This is the reason for his love for gold. Heavy jewelry has become the identity of Bappi Da. But do you know how much cost or how much weight Bappi Da’s jewelry.

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Know why Bappi Lahiri wear so much of gold jewellery , Know the price

Apart from music, Bappi Da’s other identity is jewelry. Bappi da wears heavy jewelry in hands and neck. In the year 2014, he had submitted a claim in the Lok Sabha elections and during this time he had given information about his property. According to the election affidavit, Bappi Lahiri has 754 grams of gold and 4.62 kg of silver. However, it might also changed at present.

Know why Bappi Lahiri wear so much of gold jewellery , Know the price

At the same time, talking about the price of Bappi Da’s gold, according to the current gold price, he has gold worth about Rs 30 lakh and silver of about Rs 2 lakh. By the way, not only Bappi Da is fond of gold but his wife has more gold than him. According to information given by him in 2014, his wife has 967 grams of gold, 8.9 kg silver, 4 lakh diamonds. At the same time, he has total assets of about 20 crores.

Know why Bappi Lahiri wear so much of gold jewellery , Know the price

Well it has become a matter of how much weight and price the jewelry he wears, but do you know why he wear so much jewelry. Bappi Lahiri once revealed this in an interview, saying, ‘Elvis Presley used to wear gold chains in Hollywood and I loved him very much. During that time I used to think that when I am successful, I will celebrate my different image and after that I was able to wear so much gold. Gold is lucky for me’.


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