Know why it is harmful for these people to consume brinjal, avoid eating

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Tezzbuzz,New Delhi Despite being full of many properties, some people should not consume brinjal. Let us know who should avoid eating brinjal.

Eggplant vegetable is a favorite of many people, brinjal also has many properties. Along with health, brinjal is also very good in taste, eat brinjal vegetable available in every season or bharta everything is very tasty. But do you know that there are many people who should avoid the consumption of brinjal. After all, who are those people whom doctors refuse to consume brinjal even after having many properties.

weak digestive system
If your digestive system is weak then eggplant vegetable should be avoided. By doing this you may have gas problem.

If you have any kind of allergy then do not eat brinjal, because eating brinjal can aggravate this problem.

Avoid eating brinjal if you are taking depression medicine or are suffering from depression. Depression increases in the patients of depression, whereas if they are taking medicines, then its effect is also less.

If there is a lack of blood in your body, then you should avoid brinjal. By doing this, there is a problem in increasing the amount of blood.

eye irritation
If you have any kind of problem in your eyes and especially you are troubled by burning or swelling, then do not consume brinjal.

Avoid brinjal if you are suffering from piles. Otherwise your problem will increase.

stone problem

If you have stones, then do not consume brinjal at all. Oxalate found in brinjal increases the problem of stones.

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