Know why you shouldn’t include these 6 things in the diet or your immunity system can weaken


The havoc of Coronavirus continues. In such a situation, a little carelessness is harmful to your health. According to experts, it is very important to increase immunity in the time of this epidemic. In such a situation, we adopt various methods to increase immunity. But do you know that eating which foods weaken immunity? If not, don’t be upset. We tell you what excessive consumption of things affects the immune system.

excessive sugar intake

Do not consume extra sugar in your diet. Because excessive sugar is injurious to health. The things in which the amount of sugar is high, work to increase the level of sugar in the body. Apart from this, increase the amount of anti-inflammatory protein which weakens our immunity. The cause of high blood pressure can be damage to the gut bacteria, due to which the immune system is weakened. This can increase the risk of infection in your body.


Packaged chips, bakery items and frozen dinners are loaded with salt. Too much salt in the body can trigger inflammation and increase the risk of autoimmune diseases. Salt affects the immune system.

fried food


Fried food contains molecules of glycation end products which are rich in protein and fat along with sugar. Due to the high amount of AGEs, it causes inflammation and damage to cellular cells. This affects your immune system. Eat fewer things like french fries, potato chips, fried chicken, pan-fried steak, fried bacon and fish to reduce the intake of AGEs.


Coffee and tea are rich in antioxidants, but consuming too much caffeine can interfere with your sleep. Due to which the inflammation increases and the immunity is affected. Drink coffee in moderation to boost the immune system. It is rich in nutritious food and high in sugar. You can drink tea and coffee 6 hours before bedtime, this will help you sleep well.


Some studies have said that drinking alcohol can significantly affect immunity, increasing the chances of illness such as pneumonia and other respiratory problems.


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