Know you should skip dinner to lose weight or not, know the truth here


No matter how hard you try for weight loss, but sometimes it happens that whatever trick you use to lose weight, it turns into vomiting and gradually your weight starts increasing. Like, many people skip dinner to lose weight but do you know? In some situations, by skipping dinner, your weight starts increasing instead of decreasing. Come, let us know that if you also want to follow the dinner skip plan, then what are the things you should keep in mind.


don’t skip dinner

Not eating dinner is not a good option for weight loss. Due to this, from not getting proper sleep, there can be a lack of vitamins and nutrition in the body. Apart from this, the metabolism of the body may slow down. At the same time, skipping meals at night can make you feel hungry the next morning, due to which you eat more. At the same time, when you work throughout the day, the body needs nutrients to restore energy at night, but when you do not eat anything at night, it only causes weakness in the body.



Things to do in weight loss planning-


Keep a good gap between dinner and sleep, if you follow it regularly, you will never need to skip your dinner.



Khichdi is a good option for dinner. It is light in food and full of fiber, which keeps your stomach full for a long time.



Chicken tikka or dal-rice with roti are also a good option, after eating which your stomach will be full for a long time and you do not feel like eating something unhealthy at night.



Eat less salt after 7 o’clock in the evening. Consuming salt increases water retention in the body, which works to increase weight. Make a good gap between dinner and sleep.


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