Let’s know India vs China: whose air defense is the best? Very Shocking!


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Tensions continue between India and China at the border which can turn into a war at any time. If there is war, air defense will be the biggest role in this war. Today, we will try to know in this subject that the air defense of which country is the best in India and China. According to the information received, India’s air defense system has been alerted in view of the threat from China. Air defense systems have been deployed along the border. If the enemy tried to enter the Indian airspace or attacked with a missile, it would be destroyed in the sky.

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Let's know India vs China: whose air defense is the best? Very Shocking!

According to one report, India’s air defense system is no less than that of China. The best air defense in the world is not perfect, but strong enough to blow every missile coming towards its border. Let us tell you that India has the ability to fight wars not only on earth but also in space. India can destroy China’s satellite with its anti-satellite missile. In today’s time, India’s space technologies are far ahead of China. India can teach China a lesson in the event of war. India also has Israel’s SPYDER missile which can destroy any missile coming in the range of 5 to 50 km.


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