Lies hidden under fake truths about India , You need to know now


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there are some facts related to India that we believe to be true till today, but that is not true. Today, we are going to tell you about 6 such lies in this post that till now you have come to understand the truth and the last If you lie, you will be surprised and really keep it. So read it till the end.

1) First lie –

It is said that Mahatma Gandhi had said that instead of one eye, the eye would make the world blind but the truth is that Mahatma Gandhi never said such a thing. This line, in fact, Ben Kingsley, who was playing Gandhi in the film, had said that there was no such fact and proof that Mahatma Gandhi never said such a thing.

2) The second lie – Milkha Singh had turned back during the race

You must have seen the part Milkha Part of the film and through this film you have come to know about “The Flying Sikh” Milkha Singh, during the race in the Rome Olympics of 1960, it is said that Milkha Singh had looked back and forth as That was shown in the film, but the fact is that Milkha Singh was in the fifth line in the race and after reaching her tremendous effort, she reached the fourth place.

3) Third lie – Hindi is the only official language


You too would have been thinking till today that Hindi is the only official language of the country but the truth is something more than 20 languages ​​including Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, English, which are the official language of India and not only do all the states have their own language The full permission of publicity dissemination is given in the Constitution.

4) Lying lie – since Independence, the country is secular

Most people think that when India was liberated from the British in 1947, India had become a secular country, but this is not the truth, only after amending the Constitution in 1976 declared India as a secular country.

5) Fifth lie – Mahatma Gandhi is dancing with the model

If you look carefully in this picture, you will feel that Mahatma Gandhi is dancing with an English model, but many people tried to spoil the image of Gandhi by misbehaving this picture but the truth of this picture is that The person who is seen as Gandhiji in this picture is an Australian actor who is dancing with a model and he used to wear Gandhiji’s costumes and that is the real Andhiji not.

6) Scabbard lies – Hockey is the nation’s national game

To date, you would also think that Hockey is the national game of the country, but in response to an RTI, it has been revealed that Hockey has never been declared as a national game of the country and, despite it, you and you will be in NCERT books. Hockey has come as a nation’s national sport till date.


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