Like Earth, Sun also experience ‘earthquake’ Very Shocking reason , Read


Like Earth, the Sun also has ‘earthquakes’ . Till now scientists had very little information about them, but the latest research has made some new revelations, shedding new light on this subject. Some old assumptions have also had to be changed with this. It also includes Solar Flare and Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). Scientists believe that just like the Earth’s earthquake, these ‘earthquakes’ of the Sun can give a lot of information about the situation inside the Sun. What happens, these ‘earthquakes’ are called ‘earthquakes’ on the Sun. It is actually a short-term seismic disturbance in the interior of the Sun that propagates on the Sun’s surface along with the Sun’s solar and CME.

earthquake of the Sun

Studies based on data from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) data suggest that the functioning of these sunquakes may reveal some of the mysteries beneath the sun’s surface. These ‘earthquakes’ of the sound emanating from the sound waves are observed as an extended waves with the solar flame originating on the surface there.

These waves represent packets of acoustic waves that emanate from the interior of the Sun and are stimulated by the impact of a solar flame. This perception had to be changed for decades, scientists have been believing that due to the magnetic force generated by the solar flame, these ‘earthquakes’ come on the Sun. It was believed that solar flames go inside the Sun. But the results of the latest research of NASA SDO data have revealed something different.


Like Earth, Sun also experience 'earthquake' Very Shocking reason , Read

How it came to be known was in July 2011 when an ‘earthquake of the Sun’ was observed by the SDO which observed unusually sharp waves out of short solar flame. Scientists were successful in reaching the source of these waves, for which they used helioseismic holography technique. In this technique the SDO’s helioseismic and magnetic imager was used. NASA gave approval for two new missions to the Sun, know what found their importance Researchers Scientists measured the activity of the Sun’s surface with this technique, which had earlier found the way of sound waves from sources other than the Sun. Scientists have observed that these waves come from the depths of their place immediately after the arrival of the solar flame instead of going inward from the surface of the Sun.

Where was the original source of these waves?

This investigation revealed that the sound source was within 700 miles of the Sun’s surface. Whereas earlier it was believed that this source is the surface of the Sun. These waves were found to come from a submerged source that is somehow triggered by a solar flame. This investigation can answer many questions about the long-standing mystery of Sun’s Sunquake.

This research will give an indication of the origin of the source of the convex and why some waves of this earthquake are different from the flame that caused it . Now scientists are also planning to study other earthquakes whether waves also arise from such sources.

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