Lok Sabha proceedings adjourned till 2:00 pm


New Delhi. In the Lok Sabha today, the ruling party raised the issue of Rahul Gandhi’s comments on Indian democracy in London and demanded an apology from him. On the other hand, on the issue of action by the agencies on the opposition parties, some opposition MPs shouted slogans against the government in the middle of the house.

The budget session of the Lok Sabha resumed on Monday after a one-month break. During this, Rajnath Singh on behalf of the ruling party raised questions on Rahul Gandhi’s comments made abroad on Indian democracy.

He said that Rahul Gandhi has insulted the country and raised questions on democracy and demanded interference in India from foreign forces. He feels that the House should contradict his statement and direct him to apologise.

On the matter, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi said that if Rahul Gandhi has any shame, he will apologize on this issue. In the last 74 years, no Indian leader went abroad and criticized his government in this way.

The father’s head was severed from the torso, the killer son said – while cutting the neck….

Meanwhile, many leaders of the opposition came in the middle of the house and started raising slogans against the government. After this, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha adjourned the proceedings of the House till 2:00 pm.

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