LPG cylinder New Service : Now Booking LPG cylinder now made easier , Read full details


This is good news for LPG customers. In many different cities of the country, gas companies are going to give a big facility to their customers. Now customers will not be compelled to stick to only one gas agency. They can get their LPG cylinders ordered from the gas agency around them while booking the refill. Currently this facility is being started as a pilot project.

According to a news in ‘Economic Times’, work is currently being started in this pilot phase in places like Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Gurugram, Pune and Ranchi. After seeing the success in these cities, this facility will be started in other areas of the country. According to the Ministry of Petroleum, this scheme is yet to be started and it can be launched very soon. Now customers will be able to choose their desired delivery distributor. Which agency will be able to deliver gas quickly and comfortably to the customer’s home, the customer will be able to select the agency from the list accordingly.

Now refill will be booked like this

To book the refill, the customer will have to resort to the portal or app. Here the customer will be able to login through his registered login. When the customer goes to book the refill on the portal or mobile app, he will see a list of gas agencies. This list will be prepared on the basis of performance and rating of the gas agency. From this list, whomever the customer wants, he will choose the gas agency according to him. Then the vendors of the same gas agency will deliver the refill to the customer’s house. This is not a rule yet. Right now you are not free to choose the gas agency according to you. Refill has to be booked from the agency that is around you, from where your gas passbook runs.


LPG cylinder will be available soon

There is also a delay in this work, because whether the gas agency has a cylinder or not, it has to depend on it. Sometimes it takes several days for the delivery of LPG cylinders. In a way, the gas agency’s monopoly operates. The customer cannot compulsorily go to any other agency. Now this will bring relief and the LPG customer will have a big right to call for refill. From where the customer has the facility to get the refill, he can order it from there. Other agencies cannot refuse this work.

Book cylinder from UMANG

The Ministry of Petroleum is going to give a big facility to the LPG customer. Now customers will also be able to book their gas through UMANG app. Along with this, you can also book gas through Bharat Bill Pay System App and its platform. Getting the authority of different agencies will not only increase the convenience of the customer, it will also increase the competition among the agencies. Agencies will give maximum facilities to retain their customers. Care will be taken to ensure that the customer gets the facility on time.

The Ministry of Petroleum is continuously working to provide new facilities to LPG customers. Work is being done on many fronts to resolve customer complaints. After the increase in the price of LPG gas, there is more pressure on the government and the Ministry of Petroleum to provide more facilities to the customers.


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