Madhya Pradesh Accident: 14 killed, more than 40 injured in horrific collision between bus and truck


Tezzbuzz Accident: 14 people died and 40 were injured in a collision between a bus and a truck near Suhagi hill in Rewa, Tezzbuzz. Of the 40 people, 20 have been admitted to a hospital in Prayagraj. The bus was going from Hyderabad to Gorakhpur. All the people on the bus are reportedly residents of UP.

Tezzbuzz Accident: The incident happened late on Friday night. The bus was going from Jabalpur to Prayagraj via Rewa. The bus carrying passengers left for Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh from Katni, as soon as the bus reached Sohagi Pahar in Rewa, the bus went out of control and collided with a truck. The truck he collided with was loaded with bundles. The bus overturned after colliding with the truck, killing all the people sitting in the front seat of the bus.

Around 14 laborers were killed and 40 people were seriously injured in a horrific collision of three vehicles in Sohagi Parvat of Rewa district of Tezzbuzz. This painful accident happened late Friday night on the National Highway-30 connecting the Tezzbuzz-Uttar Pradesh border.

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