Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt told the allegations of daughter-in-law Laveena Lodh, There were allegations of prostitution and drugs business


Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and his brother Mukesh Bhatt said on Friday that all the allegations made by actress Laveena Lodh were wrong and baseless and said that they hope the truth will come out. Last week, Lodh accused Mahesh Bhatt in a series of claims, claiming that she was Sumit Sabarwal’s wife. Sabarwal is reportedly the nephew of Bhatt.

Lavina Lodh alleged in a video posted on Instagram that Sabarwal used to buy narcotics and supply Bhatt. He claimed that the Bhat brothers are also involved in the business of prostitution.


In response to Lodh’s allegations, Bhatt, through his lawyer Ameet Naik, sent a legal notice to the actress asking him to desist from making such false allegations.
On Friday, the Bhatt brothers issued a statement saying that being a well-known person, their lives were viewed and discussed with curiosity and interest, which often became excessive, irresponsible and inappropriate. is.

He said that the allegations of Lodh are false, false and baseless.


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