Make protein rich soya pulao in dinner, you will get excellent taste with good health, easy way to make it


Many times after a heavy meal during the day, there is a desire to eat something light in the dinner. Soya Pulao can be a perfect dish in this situation. Apart from being tasty, soya pulao is also very healthy. Soya is rich in protein which helps in making the body strong. Pulao made with soy is a very beneficial recipe for health. Soya Pulao is very tasty to eat but it is not very difficult to make. By following some easy tips, you can make soya pulao very easily. Its taste will be liked by everyone in the house. Let’s know the recipe for making soya pulao.

Ingredients to make Soya Pulao
Rice – 2 cups
Soya Chunks – 1 cup
Onion finely chopped – 1
Green coriander finely chopped – 1 tbsp
Black pepper powder – 1 tsp
Cumin – 1/2 tsp
oil as required
salt – as per taste

How to make soya pulao
To make soya pulao, first clean the rice and then wash it twice with water. Now put rice and water in the pressure cooker, cover it and keep it on high flame to cook. Turn off the gas after one whistle in the cooker. After this, let the cooker cool down and remove its pressure automatically. Meanwhile, take water in a vessel and keep it to boil. Add soya chunks to it and boil it. After the soya chunks become soft, take them out in a vessel and keep them.

Now put some oil in a pan and heat it. When the oil becomes hot, add finely chopped onion and cumin and fry it. Keep stirring occasionally while frying the onions. When the onion turns golden brown in color, add cooked rice and boiled soya chunks. Mix all the ingredients well. After this add black pepper powder and salt according to the test in the casserole. After that cover the pan and let the casserole cook for 8-10 minutes. Keep stirring the soya pulao with a ladle in between. – When the casserole is cooked well and a wet smell starts coming from it, then turn off the gas. Tasty soya pulao is ready to eat. Serve it hot only.

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