Make your own gym at home during the corona period, Know these workout to do


Everyone is facing the sting of the coronary. Due to this, everyone’s routine has been affected. People who were very conscious about fitness earlier are also having to struggle. Apart from being banned from going outside, fitness centres like gyms are also locked. In such a situation, we are telling you today how to do workouts along with the items kept in the house.

Hand towel for slider

Take a pair of hand towels from your linen cabinet and get ready to sweat. Put the towels on the floor and try pikes, nee tucks or mountain climbers by pressing them under your hands or feet. Your abs will definitely thank us later.

Laundry detergent bottle as kettlebell

With the help of a laundry detergent bottle, you can sweat a lot. Use a large bottle of laundry detergent as a kettlebell. You try to swing, thrusters or clean and press the kettlebell.

Use chairs for tricep dips

Exercise this versatile piece of furniture by making it a part of your home gym. You can use them for tricep dips, arm lifts, chair planks and many other workouts.

Keep in mind: To avoid any kind of injury, do a workout using a strong chair in a stable, non-slippery area.

Use rope as a suspension trainer

We all had a long rope in our basement or attic, which our parents used during their school days. Although much as our parents and their generation used ropes for household activities such as clothes drying or carpeting, we now do very little. But these ropes can be used for workouts. Ideally, the length of the rope used for the suspension trainer should be eight feet. Find a strong holding point on the roof or yard, tie the ends of the rope to it and try a squat or an immersed rose or plunge.

Broom and Mops for Floor Exercise

You can start a cardio workout with a sweep at home, in addition to mobility workouts, such as glutes, flutter kicks, etc. You can use the broom for many floor exercises. Similarly, you can also do arm workouts and stretching using mops. These household items can also be used for core exercises.


Fill the treadmill/cardio machines with stairs

You can use the stairs for cardio, although even if you do not like to do it if you prepare yourself to do it, then there can be no better exercise for your feet. Exercise slowly by changing the rotation keeping in mind your speed and counting.

Laundry basket for deadlift

A laundry basket full of clothes may not look good, but it will be favourable for your next workout! For functional movement workouts, you can try a laundry basket with a strong handle. Work out the hamstrings and glutes using it.

Use small flour sacks for heavyweight

It is very easy, so there is no need to put brains in it. Take 2 or 5 kg sacks of flour or rice and use them as heavyweights for arm workouts and upper body strength. To keep yourself from getting dirty, it would be good to lock the sack in a big bag or ziplock.

Door Frame for Burpee Exercise

When we are children, touching the top of the door was as if a dream. But now you can do a burpee workout using this door frame. You can make it a bit more creative by taking a jump during a workout.

Kitchen Pan for Upper Body Workout

Another reason to keep all pots and pans at home clean is that you can use this as a new weight option during workouts. Take a pan with a strong handle and use it for tricep, extension and shoulder training without any hassle.

Beer bottle for dumbbell

You can use the beer bottle as a dumbbell due to its lightweight and ease to hold. A beer bottle weighs 200 grams to 500 grams and therefore becomes an ideal substitute for dumbbells.


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