Making swastika on the main gate will remove vastu defects


The science of Vastu says that many times the reason for a person’s happiness and prosperity and facing constant problems is due to the Vaastu defects of the house. The person suffers mentally and physically and financially troubled due to the problems caused by Vastu defects. But some simple measures have been mentioned in Vastu, by adopting which you can solve your problems to a great extent.

1. Reciting Ramayana is auspicious

Reciting Ramayana continuously 9 times in the house can cure Vastudosh. Similarly, by performing Akhand Kirtan at home for 9 days, architectural defects are removed. Auspicious fruits are obtained and family members get happiness and peace.

2. Swastika symbol

Swastika is considered a very auspicious and positive energy symbol in Vastu. Take the vermilion of Hanuman ji’s feet on the main door and make a sign of swastika, nine fingers long and nine fingers wide, and wherever there is Vastu defect, make this symbol, Vastu defects will be removed and happiness and prosperity will reside.

3. Plant a red bulb

If the kitchen is not built at the right place in the house, then keep the gas stove inside that kitchen in the southeast angle and keep a clean vessel filled with water in the northeast angle of the kitchen. Put a red bulb in the fire corner and keep it burning continuously, it will be beneficial. By doing this, the flow of money will continue in your house and if the money is stuck somewhere, then the chances of getting it will increase.

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4. Door will be auspicious

To remove door defects and piercing defects, hang conch, oyster, sea foam, cowrie in red cloth and hang it on the door. Always keep the main door clean. Similarly, to remove the defects of the beam, cover the beam with ceiling tiles and attach bamboo flutes on both sides of the beam.

5. Horseshoe

By applying horse shoe, the negative energy of the house goes away and the evil forces run away. If the main door of your house is in the north or west direction, then put a horse iron shoe on the door of the house. But the placenta should have fallen on its own.

6. Basil and banana will be beneficial

Tulsi has the amazing ability to drive away all kinds of germs and negative energies. To remove all types of Vastu defects in the house, plant a banana tree on one side and a basil plant on the other side in a pot at the main door. Keeping a Tulsi plant in the Brahmasthan of the house also removes all architectural defects. If it has been a long time since the purchase of the plot and there is no chance of building a house, then plant a pomegranate plant in that plot in Pushya Nakshatra.

7. Bhoom Yantra

If there is theft or fire in the shop, then install Bhoom Yantra. This instrument is installed in the northeast angle or in the east direction, by digging a pit two feet deep below the floor.

8. Sleeping in South will be beneficial

If any member of the house does not sleep at night due to Vaastu defects or has an irritable nature, then make him sleep with his head towards the south, this will change his nature and also improve the condition of insomnia.

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