Malaika Arora was publicly molested by two people on the road, the actress cried, can file a complaint


Malaika Arora comes in the list of actresses of the Bollywood film industry, who are away from the film world but she often remains in headlines for one reason or the other. Malaika Arora is mostly in headlines for her personal life. Now meanwhile, the actress has come into the limelight for a special reason.

Actually the thing is that the video of actress Malaika Arora has surfaced on social media. In which it can be seen that two people did such a wrong thing that even Malaika Arora herself got upset and she went and sat in her car.

Malaika Arora upset with people’s actions

However, when Malaika Arora goes and sits in her car, these two people standing near her car call her by name, due to which the atmosphere there also gets spoiled.

However, why have these two people blocked Malaika Arora’s way? We are going to tell you about this also. Malaika Arora comes to an event and during this she stands in front of some people. They are asked to give something.

2 people did this shameful act with Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora initially ignores them and sits in her car, but even after this, both the girls are seen coming near Malaika Arora’s car and calling her.

Some people present there separated both those girls from Malaika Arora. But people are not liking this behavior at all. Because of which some people are now advising Malaika Arora that she should hire a bodyguard.

For your information, let us tell you that whenever celebs go to an event, people are eager to get their pictures clicked.

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