Many rules will change in the new year: On the economic front, there will be relief and somewhere the burden will increase, know


New Year is about to come. The whole country is about to drown in celebration. But what special is this new year going to bring. It is also important to know this. Forgetting the old year, everyone has hope from the new year that maybe something new will happen this year. Balloons of expectations start flying as soon as the new year comes. But is there going to be some big change at the beginning of this year. Is the common man going to get relief on the economic front? Yes, there can be many changes in the new year to give you financial relief. By the way, changes keep happening on every single date of the month. But it becomes necessary to know what is going to be special on the first date of the new year.

New rule for phone manufacturers

From January 1, the first change can be seen on phone manufacturing companies and its import-export firms. Means it will be necessary for the companies to register the IMEI number for every phone. The registration of the phones which have come to India with foreign travelers will also be mandatory.

Expectation of relief on the economic front

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By the way, on the first date of the month, the government takes many big decisions on the economic front. But people are expected to get relief in the new year. A big change can be seen in the prices of LPG, CNG, PNG on a date of the new year. Amidst the continuous fall in the prices of crude oil, the prices of petrol and diesel may also come down.

Vehicle prices expected to rise

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On the one hand, there is hope of relief in the prices of oil and gas. So on the other hand a huge increase in the prices of vehicles is expected. If you want to buy a vehicle in the new year. So there can be a big impact on your pocket. Because many companies of auto sector are going to increase the price of their vehicles.

Impact on those doing business of 5 crores in a year

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Traders who do business of 5 crores in 1 year. It will be necessary for them to generate electronic bills in the new year. Earlier this rule was for those doing business of 20 crores in a year. But now this limit has been reduced to 5 crores. Actually, the government is going to change the rules of GST e-invoicing or electronic bill from January 1, 2023.

Rules for keeping jewelry in bank locker will change

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Now if the jewel disappears from the locker then the bank will be responsible. Yes, RBI is going to take this big step to solve the problem of bank customers. On the first date of the year, RBI is going to make this big change to keep jewelry in the bank locker. After the implementation of the new rules, the banks will be under control and they will not be able to do arbitrary with the customers regarding the bank locker.

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