Margashirsha month will start from tomorrow, do these 3 things to please Shri Krishna

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Kolkata Every month has its own importance in Hinduism. Every month is dedicated to some deity and special fruits are obtained by worshiping and worshiping that deity in that month. According to the scriptures, the month of Margashirsha is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is also known as the month of Aghan. Devotion to Shri Krishna is considered best in this month. Let us tell you that in the Gita, Shri Krishna has described himself as the month of Margashirsha.
According to astrology, the importance of this month increases because Lord Shiva and Lord Rama and mother Sita were married in this month. It is also popular about the month of Margashirsh that the new year used to start from this month itself. This month is starting from Wednesday, November 9. Lord Krishna’s grace can be obtained by doing some important work in this month. Let us know which 3 things have special importance in this month.
Importance of bathing in holy river
According to Skanda Purana, the month of Margashirsha has been described by Shri Krishna as his favorite month. During this, getting up early in the morning and worshiping gives auspicious results. The importance of bathing in the river has been emphasized in this month. It is said that if bathing in the holy river is not possible, then a person can also take bath by regularly adding Gangajal to the bathing water. This pleases Shri Krishna.
eat one meal at a time
It has been told in the chapter of Mahabharata that in the month of Margashirsha, a person should take only one meal at a time. On this day Brahmins should be fed according to their capacity. By following all these things, one gets freedom from all diseases and sins. It is said that keeping a fast in this month makes a person healthy and strong. Also, the next birth of a person also becomes happy.
Donate silver and food
Donating silver and food in the month of Aghan is also considered very auspicious. This helps a person to get rid of sexual problems. The person is strong. At the same time, donating food in this month fulfills all the wishes of the person and the sorrows are destroyed.

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