Married women should not wash their hairs on these days , otherwise her husband and family will be in danger


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There are many practices in Hinduism like this! Many people believe that this is just an illusion, but many people believe it right! Let me tell you, these traditions are very important! Because there is some interest attached behind it! Let us tell you some important things – our scriptures have many traditions from birth of a person to marriage and death! From human routine to the last cremation, there is a tradition attached to every moment.

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For example, worshiping after bathing, taking a bath before eating, hair should not be cut on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays! Special days have been made for women to wash hair! Women should not wash their hair on this special day! It is said that women who wash hair on this day! So there will be problems on both family and husband

Married women should not wash their hairs on these days ,

Washing hair on Monday – Married women should not wash hair on Monday, because it is written in the scriptures, that washing hair on this day puts a burden on the daughter! And this day should never be mopped in the house nor should the webs be cleaned, because by doing this, not only the daughters of the house get into trouble, but your house does not progress!

Washing hair on Wednesday – Women washing their hair on Wednesday brings trouble to their brother! Especially girls should keep these things in mind, because their doing so may put their brother in awe!

Washing hair on Thursday – Women who wash hair on Thursday, their husband’s age is reduced by this! Washing the hair on this day may also cause problems for the husband!


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