Mars transit 2023: Shocking events will happen in the lives of these people, Mars will change its course in a few hours!


Mars transit 2023: Commander of Mars. The planet will enter Gemini on March 13 at 5.35 am. If the lord of Gemini is Mercury, then there will be no compatibility of Mars in Gemini. Mars has been considered the factor of building, earth and relationship. Let us know for which zodiac signs the transit of Mars in Gemini is auspicious and inauspicious.

Sheep: Mars will transit in the third house of Aries. During this, the people working related to the property can be benefited. There is also an increase in might and courage. You will overcome any situation.

Taurus: Mars is transiting in the second house of Taurus. Keep restraint on your speech at this time. Ups and downs keep coming in life. Pay special attention to health. There can be resentment regarding ancestral property. May have to go through mental stress.

Gemini: Mars is transiting in Gemini. During this, keep restraint on your behavior. Do not fall into the trap of any new partnership. Apart from this, do not buy building or land, there may be loss.

Cancer zodiac sign: Difficulties increase for this amount. Your expenditure will remain uncontrolled. There will be futile running around. Take care of health and be careful in money matters.

Lion: The transit of Mars brings good luck to the people of Leo. Your stuck work will be completed but there will be tension in love life. This period is auspicious for those who want to study abroad.

Virgo sun sign: Mars will transit in the tenth house of Virgo. Time will be good for the people of Virgo. Long pending works will be completed. Get good opportunities in employment. Respect increases in the society. Control your speech and behavior.

Libra: The transit of Mars is turbulent for Libra. There will be problems in your work. Strangers will cooperate with you and this time is auspicious for higher education.

Scorpio : This transit of Mars will be in the eighth house of Scorpio. The people of this zodiac should take care of their health. Injury and death are likely. Be careful with travel. Take a decision only after thinking about the field of work. There can be differences with someone.

Sagittarius Marital life can be affected due to the transit of Mars. Take a decision after thinking carefully. Do not take wrong decisions for the next 45 days. Avoid starting a new business.

Capricorn: This transit of Mars gives good results to the natives of Capricorn. You will get success in your work. Health will be good. But the cost may increase.

Aquarius: In this zodiac, it transits in the fifth house. Aquarius sign people may have to face trouble. Difficulties can also come in love life. hold your tongue. Meeting new people will be beneficial.

Pisces: Mars will transit in the fourth house of Pisces. This can cause discord in the family. Mental stress can increase. Take special care of mother’s health and do not take any decision in haste.

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