Masks with Better fitting are more effective in preventing corona


According to a recent study, better-fitting masks are more effective in preventing diseases like Covid, while the risk of infection with the virus increases if the masks do not fit properly on the face.

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati in the US conducted this study. They used CT scans of three different sized masks to measure the space between the face and the cloth. These masks were worn over three different sizes of masks. They then calculated leaks from empty spaces to determine the risk of infection.


N95 masks increase risk
The study is published in the journal Scientific Reports. The study found that poorly fitting N95 masks can lead to leakage around the face which increases the risk of infection.

If the mask does not fit, the risk of infection increases
Professor Rupak Banerjee, who is associated with the study, said, “Many people are not aware that the size of the mask can be different. The shape of the face and the mask are different. If you do not fit properly then the risk of infection can increase.


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