Massey Desk Media’s Techshots and engineering college VESIT to create artificial intelligence tool for IT world to procure

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TechShots An Innovative Information For IT Industry Forum Is . An agreement has been signed to develop artificial intelligence (AI) tools to predict the buying patterns of the IT world. As per the agreement, the computer engineering department of VESIT, along with the product and editorial team of TechShots, will develop the AI ​​tool within a year. VESIT will also develop a tool for TechShots to present the content concisely and easily.

The inclusion of intelligence in buying and selling decisions thanks to this tool will help the IT market industry to grow rapidly in this sector. The IT industry in India does a business of around US$ 100 million every year.

Akhilesh Shukla, Founder & CEO, Massey Desk Media, says, “The procurement process in IT is long and time consuming. An Artificial Intelligence powered device is being developed with an aim to make this process more efficient and easy. Shortening the procurement process for new products and solutions will have a mixed effect and help enterprises accelerate their business goals while improving the ‘customer experience’.

The project is headed by Dr. Head of Computer Engineering Department, VESIT. Nupur Giri will do. Dr. Gresha Bhatia, Vice-Chairman of the Department and Abha Tiwari, Assistant Professor of the Department, will be his advisors.

Dr. Jayalakshmi Nayyar, Principal, VESIT said, “We at VESIT are committed to partner with TechShots, one of the industry leaders to ensure holistic development of our students. We are happy to partner with TechShots for an interesting Artificial Intelligence project. This project will help in solving the related problem faced by the industries.

Doctor. Gresha Bhatia said, “We (at VESIT’s Department of Computer Engineering) are confident that the outcome of this joint work will be innovative and of high quality. We wish TechShots and VESIT team all the best and look forward to expanding our collaboration in the future.

Abha Tiwari said, “I am confident that working together will benefit the industry as well as the stakeholders at large. We look forward to many more such AI collaborations with TechShots in the near future.” Massey Desk Media, TechShots’ parent company, will provide funding and industry expertise to develop the innovative tool.

TechShots is an informative app, which was launched just two years ago. It is autonomously a profitable startup with a market value of around $1.2 million. More than 30,000 people have downloaded this app in India. Massey Desk Media’s Techshots and engineering college VESIT will together create artificial intelligence tools to buy the IT world.

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